Beaver Sleepover

Photo 04-06-2016, 09 30 34 20160604_14163830 Beavers enjoyed a sleepover at Earleywood Camp site last Friday 3rd June and took part in a variety activities including lighting fires, tent & shelter building, pioneering, rope making, climbing wall and they made their own sandwich lunch.


21 Beavers achieved their 1st night’s away experience and they all earned their Camp Craft activity badge too.

One parent wrote “We would like to thank you and all the other leaders wholeheartedly for organising the Beavers sleepover camp. He was very apprehensive, it being his first ever camp, but he gave it 10/10, said he “loved everything” and wants to “do it again immediately”! I’d say that was a success!”

Derek Salter – AGSL

Cubs visit Sky Academy – by Rama

It was the first day of half term and the second day of the clocks going back, so you would think 7.30am would see me snuggled in bed, maybe a cup of tea and a good book? 

Being a Cub Leader at 2nd Bracknell meant I was at the train station with my clip board waiting for 32 Cubs and 6 Leaders. We had arranged to visit Sky Academy where we were going to go behind the scenes at Sky and make our own TV news report.

So why would we take Cubs to Sky?  Sky Academy asks the Cubs to: be creative;  communicate effectively; solve problems; manage time carefully and practice teamwork. The skills we try and encourage in the week to week meetings.

The Cubs were really well behaved on the busy commuter train, during a quick change at Virginia Water and on to Syon Lane. We arrived and were led into the Sky studios, four floors, 100m by 45m each floor the size of a football pitch.

We saw life size models of the Simpsons, Sulley and Mike,  studios with very expensive cameras and we met people who worked on the ‘sharing’ floor, this is where the Sky programmes get sent to the satellites and people’s homes.   We saw Sky News being presented live on air. We then went to the ‘making’ floor and the Cubs put into practice what they had learnt in their own studios.

With a theme of ‘Taking care of our world’, Reporters reported, Editors edited, Producers produced, Script writers wrote, Witnesses and Experts were interviewed, Directors pulled it all together and the camera operators caught it all on camera.  Each Cub should have a USB wristband with their News report on it.  If not please e mail

The Cubs were perfectly behaved and you never know may have been inspired to pursue a career in television.



Charity Walk in memory of Bill Kemp

On 1st November Jason Dale (VAN MAN), Denise Hyman (ROBIN), Neil Obler (FALCON) along with their children are taking part in a charity 10k walk in order to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action.

We are doing this walk in Memory of Van Man’s Father/ Margaret Kemp’s husband BILL ‘Willie’ KEMP who sadly passed away recently.

Bill as many of you know was a devoted family man and involved in scouting in Bracknell as well as in Scotland, he started his career from a very early age and leaves a legacy behind him.

If anyone would like to join us in our fundraising please visit:

If you would rather sponsor us to do the walk please visit :

All sponsorship gratefully received.

Many Thanks

Parent & Child Camp 2015 “Trading Post” Winners

2015 Parent & Child Trading Post winners27 of our Beavers, Cubs & Scouts took their mum or dad on an adventure to Earleywood camp site in Ascot to participate in the annual District Parent & Child camp held over the 18th/20th September.

We played games and completed in activities around the theme “Game On”, bringing back such classics as “Space Invaders”, “Old Maid”, “Mouse Trap” and “Hungry Hippos” to mention just a few.

Over the weekend we completed the “Crew Challenge” to build a complete chess set, played 10 different games and completed over a dozen “Trading Post” challenges.

To say we were busy would be an under-statement, however we all had a fab time and our hard work paid as we won the “Trading Post”.

Well done everyone so proud of you all and looking forward to next year “Lets get funky now”

Derek – AGSL

Beavers go to Gilwell Fun Day



It was an early start for 30 adventurous Beavers on the morning of the 20th June getting onto their coaches from Bracknell Leisure Centre armed only with a packed lunch and enthusiasm. Before you knew it hey presto as if by magic arrived at Gilwell Fun Day, handed their tickets and off they went to take on the challenges set down before them.

Hours of fun; rope making, bouncy castles, archery, water rockets, funfair rides, zip lines, grass sledging, climbing walls, water rafting, it’s exhausting typing everything they did.

It all ended in a splash as the heavens opened with torrential down pours of rain rain rain and we all had to run for it to the coaches, our enthusiasm was not dampened thou and sang camp fire songs all the way home.

Awesome a quick drip dry to bed and sweat dreams of adventurous challenges.